$100 Bass Fishing Starter Tackle Kit

I’ve had several people ask how they can get started bass fishing on a budget, so keeping that in mind I tried to put together a great starter set of lures for under $100.

So let’s build a kickass starter set of bass fishing lures with a $100 budget that you can buy at any BassPro Shops! Now, this doesn’t take into account where you might be fishing or any local conditions but it will give you an excellent place to start and the ability to tackle many different situations. I’ve also tried to include high-quality tackle in this article. There are pros and cons to this; on one hand you can get cheaper versions of many of these baits and cut the price, on the other hand quality baits tend to perform better and last longer. Keep that in mind, and choose tackle that is going to meet your needs. If you are looking to get your toes wet, go for the budget baits. If you are looking to get high quality lures to start building a bass catching arsenal, then the brands in this article are a great guide.

The big thing we are going for here is being able to cover the water column and have presentations for a variety of situations. I am not really going to recommend colors because that will depend on the lake and water clarity and structure. Also, you should “match the hatch” and fish baits that match local forage. I’m also going to assume you’ve got a good rod or two and can fish the presentations I list out. Got it? Good! Let’s do this thing!

Hard Baits

Spinnerbaits – Get at least one, of decent quality. From BPS we are looking at Strike King, War Eagle, or BooYah for the budget buy. You can fish these a lot of different ways and they are great to have in any tackle box. $4.99-$8.49

Crankbaits – Let go with a KVD 1.5 and a 3, these will help cover a lot of water fast. Get two if you can, you will loose them occasionally if you are fishing them right. $6.39×2

Buzzbaits – Let’s grab the Stike King, there are better buzzbaits but these are good for the price. $4.99

Jerkbaits – A pricier bait, but great to have in the early spring, SPRO for a gread dollar to value IMHO. $14.99

Frog – If you can find some grass or pads this is a ton of fun! BooYah for the budget buy. $7.29

Jigs – Get a few, of decent quality along with some trailers (see plastics) go with the BPS brand to save some cash. $3.29×2

The big thing we are going for here is being able to cover the water column and have presentations for a variety of situations.

Plastics + Terminal Tackle – Let’s keep this party going!

Worm Hooks – Get some good quality hooks in 3/0 to cover most situations, feeling spendy? Get some 2/0 and 5/0 as well. Grab a pack of EWG and a Pack of Offset worm hooks. I like Gamakatsu. $4.49 & 4.79

Also grab some Spot Removers for those shaky head finesse applications. $6.29

You will also want to grab a pack of bullet sinkers, for JIC, tungsten is nice, but go with lead to save some cash $3.00

Let’s get a pack of:

Zoom Super Flukes – $3.29

Zoom Ol’ Monsters – $4.29

Zoom Trick Worms – $4.79

Zoom Creatures – $3.39

Zoom Brush Hogs (if you are only getting 1 pack, I like the Baby Brush Hogs) – $4.79

A Jig Trailer (Net Bait, Rage Tail) – $5-7

A Curly tail Grub – $3.00 (Use this as a trailer on buzzbaits and spinnerbaits.)

A Pack of Senkos* – $8.79
*(Or some knock offs – http://www.basspro.com/Bass-Pro-Shops-36Piece-StikO-Kit/product/1407071611/)*


Make sure you “match the hatch” and fish baits that match local forage.

That will put you right around the $100 mark and give you lures to cover a ton of different situations! Good Luck!


  • Q. Why not get [my favorite bait]?
    • A. No particular reason, just trying to cover a lot of water for a small amount of money. Without knowing exactly where you’re going to be fishing you’ve got to think in broad strokes and not focus so much on specifics.
  • Q. Why not get [cheaper brand/more expensive brand]?
    • A. We’re trying to get the best bang for the buck, but that can be subjective. If it is a known, quality brand, go for it! If you like a particular brand, stick with it! We can all get along!
  • Q. Can I get these at a different store? They are so much cheaper at [your tackle shop/Wal-Mart]…
    • A. Of course you can! I am just using BassPro as an example. I don’t get any kind of paycheck if you click those links up there, and I know you can find better prices on some of those baits at places like Tackle Warehouse. Most people have access to a BPS and they do carry a wide selection, plus going and walking around an actual shop is part of the fun.
  • Q. This is all completely wrong!
    • A. That’s not even a question, and besides, that’s just like, your opinion man…

Check out more stuff at Bassinyak!

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